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Far Right Terrorism Is the Fastest Growing Terror Demographic…. Or is it?

The Metropolitan Polices new commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, recently advised that he wants people to tell him what’s wrong with policing. Well Mark, arresting people for saying offensive things whilst not arresting people for threatening terrible things would seem to be an area you could start, even if that skews the figures and your false claims that the far right is the UKs biggest problem. Id suggest politicised policing was one of the UKs biggest problems. . Continue reading Far Right Terrorism Is the Fastest Growing Terror Demographic…. Or is it?

Fruitcakes Day In Court

COMING SOON: Jon “Shitbag” Sheller is returning to Chelmsford Crown Court soon to answer to none attendance charges for his upcoming fraud case. Serial fraudster Sheller is facing time inside for his latest offence and after this hearing he may be remanded in custody until the fraud hearing. An anonymous court insider told us “Sheller is never gonna fart again, the boys inside will make … Continue reading Fruitcakes Day In Court

Two cities, London and Peking.

Ni hao and welcome to our Chinese readers. We spend a lot of time discussing Twitter. Now let us look at Elon Musk’s problem, censorship, not in China but in the UK. Derbyshi*e C*nstabulary are loathe to move against RH, why is that? Could it be due to their paying trolls such as Rotato? GCHQ and Jeremy Fleming whine on about the threat posed by … Continue reading Two cities, London and Peking.